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Dikeledi Koopedi

Principal - Ditau Primary School

510 Children / 14 Teachers

“I have learnt that no leader or school will succeed if there is no team work or collaboration. As a principal I have always felt that I needed to accomplish every task on my own, I have felt very isolated and at times I was drowning in work and felt like it was a never ending cycle. I have started delegating work to my Deputy’s and going into each classroom to talk to my students to see how they are feeling. I no longer sit in my office for 8 hours a day, I communicate and engage with all of my stakeholders.”


Franc Chiloane

Principal - Nandi Primary School

300 Children / 9 Teachers

“Before I started this programme I did not understand that a school should be run like a business. As a principal, I had limitations in terms of strategic planning and I did not understand the importance of leadership and collaboration with my stakeholders. The success of this programme has started bearing fruits as myself and my staff are equipped with skills in order to improve our school and the lives of our students.”


Esther Moloto

Principal - Nkholi Primary School

525 Children / 15 Teachers

“I have learnt the importance of engaging with all of my stakeholders in order to better my school and the lives of my educators and students. As a result of the programme I have set up parent workshops that are centred around involvement and support to the school. I have improved my fundraising skills and the ability to develop my teachers.”

Kenneth Mphuma

Principal - Thaba Jabula Secondary School

1647 Children / 55 Teachers

“At Thaba Jabula Secondary School we have 1647 students and 55 teachers. I wanted to join this Principals Programme to improve my resource mobilization and to improve my fundraising skills. Throughout this programme I learnt so much, more than I ever thought I would. Brett Will & Jordyn-Leigh, thank you so much for creating this programme. During the course of the programme I decided to implement a project that I never thought I would be able to do and that was to build a library on the school grounds. A place whereby children are able to immerse themselves in different books and further their knowledge.”

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Nonhlanhla Ngcobo

Principal - J.S. Mpanza Primary School

719 Children / 20 Teachers

“J.S. Mpanza Primary School is very well known within the Soweto area and I am proud of how far we have all come. Although we have wonderful infrastructure and a feeding scheme, my biggest challenge are the hardships that children face on a daily basis. This weighs heavily on my heart, during the programme I have learnt how important Self- awareness and Mindfulness is for everyone no matter their age. I am working on arranging a psychologist to come to the school once a week to help the children that are at risk of leaving school and turning to life on the streets.”

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Ralph Makhanya

Principal - Ikaneng Primary School

1358 Children / 37 Teachers 

“At Ikaneng School we have 1358 children and 37 teachers, we had defeated teachers and poor infrastructure surrounding us. I had determination to change my school around but I was unsure of how to do so. Whilst learning from the best facilitators I was able to understand how to change our mindset in order to create a better school. From Lata who taught “High Performance Teams” to Lesa who taught “Self-Awareness and Mindfulness”. As a principal I never take the time to just take a breath or to check in with myself. When the programme ended I vowed to put into practice all the skills and knowledge that I learnt throughout this programme.”

Winnie Mokoena

Principal - Bopanang Primary School

514 Children / 12 Teachers

“I think I am a very brave person and I have a passion for education, however being understaffed and having poor infrastructure it was hard to motivate myself to conquer all the hurdles in front of me. My biggest weakness was my fear of approaching potential donors to work with my community, after Brett Will facilitated on day one – everything changed. He opened my eyes to a world of possibilities that I could achieve with the help of everyone around me. I am currently working on raising funding to build toilets for our Foundation Phase children, I will achieve this goal for my school.”

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Faith N Mfaba

Principal - Entandweni Primary School

1183 Children / 39 Teachers 

“My biggest weakness was fundraising for my school as I was not sure on how to approach potential donors. Throughout the programme I acquired the skills to fundraise for my school. I unfortunately do not currently have a library in my school, there are no libraries in the Zondi area therefore learners have the travel more than 5km to find a library. My mission is to raise funds to build a library that the children of Zondi can all have access to.”

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Sitembile Lucas Khumalo

Principal - Lulama HP School

279 Children / 9 Teachers 

“I have grown intellectually as a person since I started this programme in 2018, I can proudly say I have started to implement and share the knowledge taught throughout this programme. I am now confident enough to initiate discussions that prior to the programme I would not have had the confidence to do so.”

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Sibongile Khoza

Principal - Mdelwa Hlongwane Primary School

1066 Children / 28 Teachers

“I have a passion for education and I am aware that I need support and guidance on how to be more empowered, in order for me to take my school forward and be able to support my staff. As my confidence grew with the programme I was able to find the fire within myself to make a significant change. I have approached Thrass and Master Maths to help our children twice a week if they require additional assistance.”

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Thandi Nyoni

Principal - Wisani Primary School

531 Children / 14 Teachers

“As a result of this Principals Programme, we are aware that we need to change our schools to centres of excellence through collaboration. I have learnt how to encourage and motivate everyone around me. Education is the corner stone for turning things around in South Africa as I believe that mediocrity will always stifle South Africa’s growth.”

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